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Preventative maintenance of your roof system is the only way to protect and extend the life of your roof system. There are preventative maintenance items that must be completed frequently to maintain your warranty. Enroll in Alpha Plan today to keep your roof in tip top shape!

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Rooftop Preventative Maintenance

Your roof is one of the largest single depreciating elements of your commercial building. Your roof is expected to require replacement during the life of the building, but having a maintenance plan in play can extend the time before replacement is required.

Preventative Maintenance Basics

PM programs attend to the maintenance items that are needed too keep your roof in working order. Some of the items are required yearly, some more , and some less. If your roof is currently under a manufacturer warranty, there are items Owners must perform to keep your warranty valid! Alpha Plan keeps those maintenance items up to date to extend the life of your roof.

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What are the benefits of the alpha plan

Proactive roof maintenance maintains the integrity of your roof system.


Basic Required Maintenance

Basic Required Maintenance

Sealants, flashings, and penetrations are just a few of the items needing annual attention. Leave this to the roofing experts to ensure you maintain the integrity of your warranty and roof health.


Budget Planning

Budget Planning

Alpha Plan provides life expectancy and suggest items for repair. By participating in Alpha Plan, you are able to budget your roof maintenance and capital expenditures for your roofing assets. Alpha Plan provides you with short and long range views of what your roof will need.


Protecting your investments

Protecting your investments

Your roof is the single most important asset to your building. Enrolling in an annual preventative maintenance program puts boots on your roof to visually inspect your roof. Our technicians identify potential issues before they become problems. Protect your roof with a preventative maintenance program like Alpha Plan!


Alpha Plan Documentation

Alpha Plan Documentation

Each Alpha Plan visit results in a comprehensive report on your roof. We show you photographs of completed maintenance items and offer forecasting of life expectancy and future repair needs.

What is the Alpha plan?

Maintenance programs​ like Alpha Plan ​protect​ ​your​ ​investment by identifying the obvious and hidden dangers that threaten your roof system’s performance.


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Through our inspection process we identify any issues and perform maintenance items. By performing this service, we can extend the life of your commercial roof!


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Warranty Integrity

Did you know that there are items a building owner must complete periodically to keep their roof warranty intact? Alpha Plan addresses those items for you on an annual or bi-annual basis.



Life Cycle Extention

There are parts of a roof system that need maintenance periodically. Liken it to changing the oil in your car! There are items of a roof system that must be maintained as these items are exposed to the elements and degrade over time. If these maintenance items are left untreated, you will shorten the effective life cycle of your roof.



Asset Management

Enrolling in a PM program not only prolongs the life cycle of your roof, but allows for asset management through the use of our program. We can provide you life expectancy as well as budget information to plan for repair or replacement.

Alpha Plan Preventative
Maintenance Program

Alpha Plan is offered in annual and semi-annual terms. The following is an example of items inspected and addressed during our visit:

Our Technicians will visually inspect the existing roof system(s) and related components to include the following:

  • Field of roof

  • Wall flashings

  • Curb flashings

  • Perimeter flashings

  • Rooftop drains, gutters & downspouts, and scuppers

  • Expansion joints

  • Pourable Filler Pockets

  • Rooftop equipment details

  • Blocking for gas lines & HVAC condensate lines

  • Metal flashings (Includes: coping metal, edge metals, counter flashings, etc.)

Perform minor preventative maintenance to include the following:

  • Attempt to repair all active roof leaks found present at the time of inspection

  • Repair minor splits or punctures in the membrane

  • Repair minor breaks, open seams and punctures in the flashings

  • Seal minor breaks in roof expansion joints

  • Refill any low pourable filler pockets

  • Minor caulking repairs at open and deteriorated joint areas

  • Caulk any open joints in the metal coping

  • Check and reseal any minor openings in the gutter joints & drop outlet tubes

  • Secure HVAC access doors and report any apparent deficiencies

  • Reset any existing displaced walkway pads

  • Clean debris from around internal drains and through-wall scupper areas

  • Report clogged drains and leaders

  • Remove normal debris from the roof surface

Provide a visual survey report to include the following:

  • Roof Information /Conditions Report

  • Photographic documentation

  • Proposal for any recommended repairs

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